Kids Party Event Photographer | Singapore

Kids Party Event Photographer | Singapore 1

Children is one of the most difficult subjects to shoot. They move faster than you. They are unpredictable. They jump. They run.  They crawl. They appear behind your back and whack you with their super transformer balloon swords.

And you still got a party to run.

To shoot photographs of children, the photographer has to think like children. Our kids party photographers understand this and we will help you to archive your kids party into beautiful photographs that will serves as beautiful memories for everyone down the years.

Type of Event(s): K1 Graduation Party in Singapore | K2 Graduation Party in Singapore | Children Day Party in Singapore | Children/Kids Festive Party | Primary School Children/Kids Events

Standard Package(s)
(2 Hours /3 Hours)
Unlimited (typical rate: 80 to 100 photos per hour, delivered through DVD within 14-21 days)
Professional light photo-editing for all photos
NEW! Online private gallery for easy sharing of non high res-photographs among parents and guests
Lots of Kiddy Love