Customised 3D / 2D Birthday Cakes | Singapore

Customised 3D / 2D Birthday Cakes | Singapore 1

Do you know how much your kids will love to have their favourite cartoon characters come alive in delicious 3D cakes on their birthday?


We know it because we have seen it so many times when the eyes of the children brighten up once they see this cute 3D minion birthday cake when the parents bring in through the door on their birthday! Give your children the best birthday parties they could ever have and leave beautiful childhood memories for them when they grow up! If not, fresh cream 2D cakes are also available with customised designs.  All our cakes are home-baked by our partner who is an ex-hotel pastry chef!


Look at what our customer says!

FlagAHero Kids Parties Photography Testimonials
FlagAHero Kids Parties Photography Testimonials

Design of  3D/2D Cake Singapore

Customisable. Tell us your required designs or tell us your general party theme idea and our party artist can provide some ideas! Generally, the more complex the designs, the more pricey the cake will be.


Choose between

1. 3D Cake / Fondant Options



1. Vanilla Rich Pound Cake
2. Chocolate Rich Pound Cake
3. Strawberry Rich Pound Cake
4. Orange Rich Pound Cake
5. Rainbow Rich Pound Cake (additional costs apply)


1. Chocolate Fudge
2. Flavoured Buttercream



2. Fresh Cream Options




1. Vanilla Sponge
2. Chocolate Sponge
3. Strawberry Sponge
4. Rainbow Sponge (4 or 6 colours) (additional costs apply)
5. Mango Mousse
6. Strawberry Mousse
7. Chocolate Mousse
8. Ivory Mousse
9. Tiramisu


Spreadings (Only available for Sponge Cakes)


1. Blueberry Filling
2. Strawberry Filling
3. Mango Fruits with Fresh Cream
4. Strawberry Fruits with Fresh Cream
5. Mixed Fruits with Fresh Cream


To maintain freshness, please keep the fresh cream cake refridgerated until ready for consumption.


Other Notes


Lead time: 3-4 weeks


Standard Available Sizes: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg and 3kg


Complimentary Delivery


Optional:  15 minutes Cake Cutting Professional Photography Session


Psst… who says that adults can’t love Minions? Let’s go “BEE-DO BEE-DO BEE-DO! Ba Ba Ba Babanana! Potato-naaaaah!” ? 😛