Choosing Your Kids Party Entertainment

Planning your child’s birthday party can be fun and exciting. You do not need to be serious, have lavish decorations and ponder on what type of food will be served. Just let the child in you come out and have fun deciding on what your theme, decorations and food will be. Remember, children are simple human beings who just want to eat and play. It is advisable to have them well fed and well entertained. No need to worry about entertainment as these days, there a lot of party entertainment to choose from. Just keep in mind that the kind of entertainment will depend on how old the children are.

If your child is between 1-4 years old, you can have the puppet and magic shows. They will be amazed of the talking and eye catching cute puppets. They can sing and dance with the puppets to the famous music of children’s songs and watch the puppets come alive in the very exciting story telling. They can also enjoy and be surprised with the magician’s magic tricks and the bunny coming out of the hat. Who said toddlers can’t play the ball? If there are bouncing castles for big kids, toddlers have their ball pools. They will surely have fun rolling around or swimming in the different colored balls.

For ages 5-12 you can have balloon twisters, bouncing castles or giant slides, petting zoos, face painter and more magic shows. Children at these ages are more active and curious. They would love to see how the balloon twisters make balloon animals, balloon hats and even a bouquet of flowers in just a few minutes without popping them. I’m sure the kids would be thrilled to have their faces painted without their mothers shouting so as not to touch her make up and go wash their faces. This time their faces will be transformed by experts in their favorite animal, cartoon character or super heroes. This would also go hand in hand if you have a theme party.

As energetic as they are, they would soon tire from jumping, sliding, and playing at the bouncing castles and giant slides. So keep on refilling your table with more food and drinks. Children at these ages do still love to watch magic shows but in a higher level. They expect the magic show to be more interactive with harder hand and newer tricks.

If you have a backyard, you can have a little petting zoo. For sure, the kids would love to pet or even feed the animals. A team of qualified animal care experts will bring a variety of animals such as goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ponies, etc. and teach the kids about feeding them. They will also closely monitor the kids’ interaction with the animals to avoid any accidents. You can also take pictures so that children will have a remembrance with their favorite animal at the party. This will not only be entertaining but educational as well.

With these types of party entertainers, you will surely not only have happy guests but a happy celebrant as well.