Take better photographs at a kid’s birthday party

Preparing for your child’s birthday is only half the fun. The other half is during the party itself, making those memories last by taking perfect pictures. Moreover, taking these pictures is a challenging task especially to parents with no photography background. (That why you need to engage a professional party photographer!) With all the movements and interactions, it would be difficult to get the perfect shot. No worries, this article will help you take the best pictures of your kid’s party. Make sure to take pictures before, during, and after the party focusing on the candid shots of the kids while eating and playing.


Start with taking pictures of the before party, with the decorations in tack, food ready for devouring, presents still in tack, and birthday cake ready to be lit. It would also be appropriate to take a picture of the celebrant with the birthday cake before the guests arrive, as he will still be well behaved and well groomed. Once the children arrive, you may take pictures of them giving the present to the celebrant.


Next, aside from taking group shots, it would be amazing to follow the celebrant around enjoying his perfect day. Whether he is eating, playing, or just taking a breather.  Then, you can capture the children as they socialize, play the party games, and get entertained with the party entertainer. Do not forget to set your camera to continuous mode or sports mode so you will get more shots with just one click therefore, getting the children’s smiles, laughs, and remarkable reactions. Also, make sure to activate the red eye reduction feature of your camera as you may be shooting most of your pictures with a flash.


Now comes the blowing of the candle, the highlight of the party. I am sure that you would love to have the best picture in just a few shots. With the kids very excited and pushing their way to get closer to the cake, take pictures from a higher point of view than the kids to steer clear of waving arms, moving bodies and heads. At the same time, while the celebrant is blowing the cake, make sure that you are in the right position to catch the child’s emotion as well as the cake without the candles and flames in the way.


Now, it is time to open the gifts. It would be quite interesting to see the celebrant’s reaction every time he opens his gifts. You can combine this to the pictures taken earlier when the guests gave their gifts to help you later when writing the thank you notes. Continuous mode would be perfect at this time.


Another way of taking pictures is to get down to the children’s level. Get on your knees and you will be surprised of the wonderful picture you have captured.  Last but not the least, just take as many pictures as you can. This is the wonder of automatic cameras as you can just take hundreds of pictures to choose from and just delete the others.


Every part of the party is considered to be significant; therefore, no shot should be missed. Taking pictures throughout the celebration will make it more memorable especially if you can already see the shots made on your camera. So, go on. Take your best shot in the party and collate them together to make a wonderful memory of your kid’s birthday party.