How to Organize a Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties for kids are the most enjoyable party to organize. You can let the inner child in you help in planning the birthday party for your kid. It can be frustrating and challenging if you do not know where to begin. But then, do not be so worried about what to do first because planning a birthday party is so easy and simple.

1. Choose a party theme.

Pick out a party theme together with your child. Having a theme will help you with what you need to prepare for the decorations, in the food preparation and the games to be played. Once you have chosen a theme it is best to bring your child with you to shop the party supplies that you need. If there are no party supplies available for your party theme in other party stores as well, you can both decide to change the theme or pick a theme that is available in the party store.

2.  Choose the location and the time.

You need to address the following questions: What time will the party starts? How long should the party last? Where is the party going to be? Set the date and time of the party that is most convenient for you and your guests. For children from ages 8 and below, 90 minutes is long enough for them. For older kids, two to three hours are enough. You should have lots of activities planned if you are having a party that is good for two hours or more

You can either choose to celebrate the party at home where you can be more creative when it comes to decorations or in another venue. If you decide to celebrate the party at a different venue, you need to ask the available time and make a reservation in advance.

3. Go over with the important details.

After you have finalized the theme of the party, the time and the location you need to look into other things such as: guests, decorations, activities like games, food and giveaways.

4. Invitation.

You may either mail your invitations ahead or let your child hand the invitation at school. When you send out the invitations, remember that all the important details are included. You may follow the age rule: child’s age plus 1.

5. Plan the menu and drinks.

One main part of the menu is the birthday cake. If you plan to order a cake, it is best that it coordinates with the theme and order the cake in advance. In preparing the food you need to consider the kids’ ages that you will be serving, where they will be eating and the preparation time needed. You can choose to serve cupcakes, sandwiches, pizzas and cheese or hot dogs.

For the drinks, you can serve lemonade, juice or soda pop. Use glasses that are safe to use for the children.

6. Party favors or party bags.

When preparing the party bags choose candies that are not common to children. You can opt to use a small shopping basket, purses or sand pails as your party bags.

For party favors you can make the children involve themselves by creating or making their own jewelries, potato T-shirts or badges which they can take home as a remembrance from the party.

7. Plan the activities and the games

Give activities to the children when they arrive and it must be appropriate for their age. This will help in getting the kids settled and will give you the time to greet the parents.

For the games, you need to choose games that are part of the theme and it should be appropriate to the child’s age. Be unique and creative when you plan for the games. You can have an American Idol game where children can show off their talent in dancing or singing. Each participant will be given a goody bag. These are simple and easy steps that you can follow in preparing your child’s birthday party.