24 Creative and Unique Customized Cake Ideas

It is not only the electronic gadgets, cars, and clothes that have improved throughout the years but so did the baking techniques. Birthday and wedding cakes have greatly developed. Gone were the simple sponge cakes that were round or square in shape with white icing and colored flowers. They are now customized and personalized; thanks to the talented bakers and cake decorators. What was once impossible is now possible to do. There are now cakes for all kinds of celebrations and in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, they are not only baked but sculpted as well. Their designs are now available not only for birthdays and weddings but also for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, wedding shower, etc.

This article will provide you samples of cakes for all occasions to give you an idea of what the baking industry has evolved to.

Cakes for Christmas

For the Christmas season, you can make the following fondant cakes with these creative designs:

  • Funny fondant custom Christmas cake designed like a chimney with Saint Nick stuck in it and his feet sticking out. The cake is in a rectangle shape and is covered mostly with white icing to mimic snow
  • Round Christmas tree fondant cake design with presents underneath and a six pointed star placed on top of it. Also have blue and white colored snowflakes.
  • Red and white Christmas fondant cake shaped like presents. Designed like two presents stacked together. Small “present” is stacked above the bigger “present”. Then, on top of the presents you can wrap it up with ribbons in a Christmas motif.

Cakes for Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving Day, we always want the decorations to be welcoming to our guests and we always make sure to prepare the best menu for our family and friends. We never miss out to have a cake on this special occasion and you can creatively design them as these:

  • Rectangular orange icing-bordered Thanksgiving cake. The central figure in the cake is a cartoonish turkey wearing a pilgrim hat.
  • Thanksgiving turkey-shaped cake. The design is like a real garnished roast turkey served on an oblong porcelain plate. Coloring is golden brown.
  • Round Thanksgiving cake with chocolate icing with acorns and leaves on it sides. The top part of the cake is decorated by pilgrims of both genders in right, Native Indians of both genders in the left, a turkey near the Indians and some pumpkin placed near the pilgrims.
  • A barrel filled with pumpkin and corn-shaped Thanksgiving cake. Barrel is colored brown and the pumpkin and corns are made from edible sugar, then, colored to look like real pumpkins and corns.

Cakes for Halloween

Impress your family and friends on your Halloween party with the following unique designs of cake:

  • Halloween fondant cake with four tier design and covered in black and orange icing. Cake is topped with a Jack-O-lantern, Corpse Groom and Corpse Bride. Both Corpse figures are standing on top the Jack-O-Lantern.
  • Three tier black, purple and orange Halloween fondant cake shaped like a haunted house. Decorated with white edible ghosts. Cake in placed on a rectangular ground with green grass.
  • Three tier haunted house design Halloween fondant cake with orange, black and purple color. Cake is surrounded by several purple-colored tombstone cupcakes giving it the impression house near a graveyard.
  • Halloween fondant cake shaped like the head of a classical wicked witch with long pointy nose. Hair is gray; face is colored green and is topped by a pointed black hat.
  • Halloween fondant cake shaped like the Wicked Witch of the West from the movie; The Wizard of OZ.
  • Round fondant groom cake with black and white The Beatles design. Design is based on the Beatles “The Abbey Road” album cover.

Cakes for Kids Birthday

For birthday parties the cakes that are usually patterned on the favorite character of the child, hobby of the celebrant or sometimes it depends on the theme that you want for the birthday party. Here are some awesome cake designs that would make a difference on the presentation of the birthday cake:

  • Custom 3D fondantmen’s birthday cake for deer hunters. It is designed and colored like the head of a male deer or a stag.
  • Fondant men’s birthday cake in the shape of a Rolex watch. It has a gold and silver coloring just like a real Rolex watch.
  • Sphinx shaped 3D sculpted fondant cakes for grooms. Cake is covered in edible gold icing.
  • A Winnie the Pooh designed party cake. The cake is for expecting mothers who are having a baby shower.
  •  Four tier wedding cake with flower design on top with colorful designs. Designed by Duff Goldman, star of Ace of Cake.
  • Tropical fish design cake for a birthday party for kids. Well suited for beach or ocean themed birthday parties.
  • Children birthday cake shaped like a fire-breathing dragon colored red. Wings are made from fruit and claws are made from marshmallows.
  • Castle shaped kid’s birthday cake with colorful taffy windows, melted frosting turrets and sugar cones. Ideal for every kind who thinks they are a prince or a princess.
  • For any candy themed kid’s parties a gum-ball machine shaped cake is the one for kids. It is made from square, sheet, frost and round cakes with a corn chip as a 3-D candy dispenser. Balls are round candies.
  • A Go Bowling kid’s birthday party cake. Each of the three pins are sheet cakes cut and shaped into said pins while the bowling ball is made from cake baked in bowl and topped with white candy to give it the three holes found in real bowling bowls.
  • Robot cake for any kid’s birthday party. Cake is coated in milk chocolate and added with licorice candies to give it a futuristic look.