10 Unique Goodies for your Kids Party Pack

A birthday party should be well-planned for the celebrant and for his guests to enjoy the party. You can plan ahead from the theme, location, menu, invitation and for the giveaways. One way of showing your appreciation to your guests for attending the party is by giving goodie bags. It is best to give a party favor that the guests can use after the party. Here are 10 unique goodies for your kids’ party pack that the guests will surely love.

1. Party goodies related to your theme

If the theme of your party is on Disney characters, you can give the kids erasers, pencils, pencil boxes and sharpeners that are decorated with Disney characters. You can also include a small stuffed toy of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

2. Picture Frame

Surprise the guest with a picture frame with a stolen shot of the child as he/she enjoys the party. Use a Polaroid camera. You can include candies like rainbow spiral lollipops in the goody bag with the picture frame.

3. Homemade edible favors

Children love to eat sweets and cakes. You can either make cupcakes, Choco dip pretzels or cookies. For the cupcakes, you can order one or you can make your own. You can put it in a box made from a cardboard. Make the box attractive by tying a pink or satin ribbon around the box and end it in a classic bow. For the cookies, you can make different shapes like cartoon characters, flowers or stars. Put it in a jar and you can either tie a ribbon or decorate the jar with stickers.

4. Fragrant soaps and face towels

Give your guests some attractive designer soap in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The children would like to use the soap that is shaped like animals, hearts, stars, birds or shells. Even the adults will be amused with the party favor that goes together with the colorful face towels.

5. Personalized candy or chocolate bar wrappers

You can be more creative when giving out candies and most especially chocolates. Your guests will be surprised to see that chocolate bars are wrapped with the picture of your child with his/her name on it and with words like: Celebrating the birthday of Kevin with the date of the birthday included.

6. Manicure set

If the theme of your party is a spa-themed party, then, the perfect idea is to give your guests a manicure set. This will include the following: assorted nail polish, nail cutter, nail file and a lotion in a cute small bottle. Let your child shop with you as she picks out her favorite colors for the nail polish. This party favor would make your guests remember her every time they will use the manicure set to pamper their cute little hands and feet.

7. Attractive chocolate mug

Children love to drink chocolate milk every day. You can give a chocolate mug with their name printed on it. Wrap the mug with instant chocolate milk with marshmallows. They can use the mug all year round.

8. Flip Flops

When the birthday of your kid falls in a summer season and you opt to celebrate it with a pool party theme, you can give flip flops to the children. Give them colorful flip flops with beautiful designs that they will surely love.

9. Entertaining toys

Aside from giving out candies, you can opt to give toys that they can play with all the time. You can even mix toys with chocolate candies in the goody bag. Entertaining toys that they will surely love to play with are Animal Jungle Character Bubbles, Pull Back Racer Cars, and Led Finger Lights. For the girls, you can give Girls Elastic Rainbow Peace Bracelets and Cup Cake Lip Gloss.

10. 2 Large Items

A goody bag filled with small gifts are great but then guests would even appreciate it more if there are two large items that can be useful to them. For the boys, they would appreciate it when they open the goody bag and find a hat and a handkerchief with their favorite cartoon character printed on it. For the girls, they will surely be amazed when they open the goody bag and find a cute wallet and a trendy brush in it.

These are unique goodies that would bring happiness to the kids as they enthusiastically open the goody bag. They are expected to be given during a party and that is one thing that kids look after when attending to your child’s birthday celebration.