10 Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Christmas is around the corner and the kids are excited as ever to open their much awaited gifts. They are also thrilled to be with their relatives and friends once again. No doubt they will be running around the house, shouting, playing and even getting into fights at times. To keep them behaving, organized and at the same time occupied, why not try these Christmas party games they will surely love. This will keep them busy at the same time provide everyone with fun and entertainment. Prizes to the winners and consolation prizes to those who joined in the spirit of Christmas can be given out.

1.    Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

This is a relay involving the items in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Two teams will compete to collect all items according to the lyrics. One by one the children will run to the end of the room where the items are placed in a bucket. The first child will look for the partridge in the pear tree, puts it in his bucket, runs back to the team and hands over the bucket; the second child gets the two turtle doves and so on.

2.    Limbo with a Belly

This is a game where the kids are dressed with a “Santa stomach” made of pillows while doing the limbo with a strand of garland or set of Christmas lights.

3.    Do You See What I See?

Two children will be sitting back to back. Child A will be holding a Christmas object and child B, a paper and pencil. The object of the game is for child A to describe the object while child B will draw the object as accurately as possible. The team with the most accurate drawing wins.

4.    The Amazing Holiday Maze

You will need a ball of yarn for each child. At the end of the yarn tie, a prize and hide it. Then, unwind the ball of yarn around the room passing it under the chair and table legs, behind furniture, etc. and at the end of the yarn tie, a pencil. When the children arrive, give them the pencil and inform them that at the end of that yarn is a prize. They will be having a blast looking for it.

5.    Secret Snowman

This game will involve everyone who will try to stick a paper snowman on another person’s back without him becoming aware of it. Chuckling children are sure to give that person a hint before too long.

6.    Santa Doesn’t Say

Names of holiday characters are pinned on top of the Santa hats to be worn by the kids. The object of the game is to be the first to guess the name attached to your hat by moving around the room asking the other kids for clues.

7.    Mixed-up Mittens

The first kid to put on his own mittens and shout “mitten match” wins. All the mittens will be mixed up in a pile surrounded by the kids. The kids should stand about 10 feet away. At your gesture, they will run to the pile and find their mittens.

8.    Snowball Race

There should be two teams who will race to the other end of the room one by one while balancing a snowball (made of yarn) on a spoon and wearing mittens. The kids drop the snowball in the bucket, race back to the team, passes the mittens and the next kid does the same.

9.    Snowball Throwing Contest

If it is possible you can play outside. This is like playing darts with the darts being the snowball. For the dart board, you can draw it in the snow with spray paint or food coloring.

10. Sled Pulling Contest

In this game the humans pull and the dogs ride. The object of the game is to reach the finish line first with the dog still on the sled. If the dog jumps out you need to get your dog and start again.

With just a few of these games incorporated in your program with the family, you will definitely have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Not only that they are fun to play with one player or two, but they can be played by a group. This is will surely have the kids of your relatives enjoy especially if you have more games for them to play during this gathering.